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22.09.2007 - 03:31: New stuff | Quote Quote

Its been a here are some new freqs that have been found. Pages will get updated soon.

First freqs found at the football game between Keystone Oaks at Elizabeth Forward High School.
155.025 - DPL 134 - Repeater - Police Ch. 6
153.785 - DPL 134 - Input to 155.025
462.5625 - PL 67.0 - Simplex - Elizabeth Forward High School stadium security
159.090 - PL 107.2 - Repeater - Allegheny County east zone police Ch. 2
153.995 - PL 107.2 - Input to 159.090

Some other recent findings :

Baldwin Whitehall School District - 464.875 - PL 179.9 - Simplex - High school marching band operations.

462.1125 - DPL 116 - Repeater/Simplex - UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital - Operations. I have been playing with this one for a while. The odd thing with this is, its the exact same freq AND DPL as South Hills Village. Neither is strong enough to be heard at the other location. Just the same, just odd that the same DPL was picked at both sites.

464.8625 - PL 103.5 - Repeater - WL Roegnigk. This appears to be a new frequency for buses in the Pittsburgh area.

467.850 - PL 118.8 - Simplex - I am certain that this is the Wyndham in Oakland. Front desk to house keepers. In the down town area there is another hotel using this freq with PL 103.5. I have not been able to ID that hotel as yet.

151.715 - PL 94.8 - Simplex - Holiday Inn Express South Side shuttles.

461.375 - DPL 025 - Repeater - Thomas Jefferson high school operations

461.375 - DPL 432 - Repeater - Security company for many locations around the city. They provide security for Lemington Heights Apartments, Mid Town Towers, Highview (located on Duquesne Place in Duquesne), and some other locations. I'm trying to track down the companies name.

I was doing some searching tonight in the 461 - 462 area. It was busy on many frequencies with buses transporting teams, and bands to games. Searching the 461.000 - 470.000 area may turn up some interesting things during football season.


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